At its core, United Safety Professionals is all about helping companies across various industries expand their safety solutions in the workplace. United Safety Professionals (USP) can help businesses meet current industry regulations, provide permanent staffing solutions, and implement a sustainability initiative. Trained certified consultants will work with you and your business team to assess all factors that could impact your workplace safety, compliance, and sustainability. Our consultants are committed to helping you with numerous options to initiate a more sustainable work environment. This consultative service aims to provide safety capability analysis, performance audits, and supervisory training. 

Combining over 100 years of expertise we are a multifaceted organization with proficiency in areas such as environmental, health and safety, sustainability services, and safety staffing solutions. Our team holds multiple OHSA certifications which ensure a level of credibility on the job site. Throughout the year we will configure your designed needs to maintain your safety program to be cost-effective and within budget. USP aims to protect your business without sacrificing quality. 

Our services are an all-inclusive staffing solution that frees any client’s challenge of seeking temporary staffing for single or multiple worksites. Our experienced OSHA-certified staffing specialists will work seamlessly with your team to continuously provide services for your next project. From developing a new safety program to enhancing your organization’s sustainability initiatives and instituting safer rules and procedures we will help to elaborate and adopt a strong safety culture.

A strategic plan is formulated with one of our safety professionals who understands your business to create a seamless implementation process. Our clients continuously achieve more efficient and effective facilities, safety plans, and environmental sustainability which overall optimizes their workplace to save money, reduce overhead costs, and build a more productive and impactful work environment.  

When choosing United Safety Professionals for your success we assure you that you will have best-in-class services for your company. As we continue to grow and prosper our service lines, United Safety Professionals is a subdivision of 3S Circular. Having accessibility to 3S Circular will deliver health and safety groundwork and applicable circular economy options to repurpose idle and surplus equipment.  

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