Transforming Challenges Into Opportunities

3S Circular helps organizations align themselves with these specific aspects of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda:

Helping our clients achieve sustainability and financial goals by providing best-in-class Safety, Standard & Compliance, Surplus Asset Management Solution.

Helping Partners Contribute to the Circular Economy

3S Circular is a network that supports its partners in achieving their sustainability goals through three fundamental areas: Safety, Standards & Compliance, Surplus Asset Management. Our areas of expertise are designed to support sustainable development, in connection to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 


Safety is paramount, and our highly-trained safety professionals boasts unparalleled expertise experience in occupational health and safety. Our mission is to foster a safe, healthy, and responsible work environment that benefits employees, the organization, and the broader community. Our safety services prioritize both human well-being and environmental protection.

Standards & Compliance

We are committed to equipping our clients with the most up-to-date business practices, standards, and regulations to ensure the safety of their employees and the alignment of their business operations with the highest standards. Organizations that prioritize compliance across various dimensions, including environmental, social, ethical and economic, play an active role in enhancing the overall sustainability of their operations.

Surplus Asset Management

We empower organizations to actively participate in the circular economy by efficiently managing their surplus equipment. Our approach to responsible asset management includes internal redeployments, re-purposing, external sales, and recycling. This comprehensive strategy not only aligns with sustainability principles but also yields financial returns.

The 3S Circular Family

3S Circular is comprised of six companies actively supporting its partners in achieving their sustainability goals in relation to safety, compliance, and asset management. These companies are B&R Compliance, EquipNet, OccuMed, Spectrum Carbonics, United Alliance, and United Safety Pro.

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