Our Mission

EquipNet seeks to repurpose and reutilize how businesses manage their surplus assets. Each service line concentrates on our clients as we provide a resolution to reduce, reuse and re-imagine all assets that are no longer beneficial.

EquipNet service line provides solutions to reducereuserepurpose, and recycle any equipment that is no longer beneficial to the company. Our services enhance financial return while simultaneously refining your corporate image, maintaining current industry safety standards, and overall generating sustainability proposals. 

Recognized as one of the world’s largest online digital marketplaces for surplus process, packaging, laboratory, and analytic equipment we support any size company in buying and/or selling surplus machinery through our 3 value-based channels (MarketPlace, Online Auctions, Own It Now). EquipNet also offers extra facility support services like appraisals, valuations, logistics, consignment, project management, and more to assist clients with every equipment-based need, supporting a responsible business model.

Furthermore, the Asset Redeployment Management System (ARMS) software allows corporate clients to collectively identify, track, redistribute, and sell sedentary equipment. The secure web-based interface promotes equipment recycling practices, prevents unnecessary spending, and prolongs machinery life.

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