B & R Compliance has extensive experience in determining how to create more cost-effective regulatory solutions that are custom-tailored to all facets of your business, compliance, and sustainability needs. Our associate consultants have over four decades of safety & compliance expertise for pharma, medical, food and beverage businesses worldwide.  

We remain top-of-mind to our clients for services including, but not limited to, safety developments, audit programs, process system validations, DOT programs and continue to be an outlet as a professional resource partner. Our partnership will provide effective safety, health, and sustainable management programs that are cost-effective. Enrolling your business can prevent you from experiencing multiple workers’ compensation claims and state penalization.

Our process starts with an appointed consultant to complete an evaluation of the business overall. With our team approach, we evaluate your current shipping and handling logistics with category experts who survey areas associated with hazard risks, safety programs, and environmental efforts. Upon completion of the evaluation, we review the data identifying, aligning, and highlighting the most valuable opportunities for ever-changing results. This approach allows us to work alongside you to map a course to maximize your business needs and goals, improve overall performance, and continue to increase your competitive advantage.  

To be able to stay competitive today, companies must be able to disclose their transparency in their implementations of reducing climate change and creating more circular options. As a company under the 3S Circular umbrella, we are ready to help you formulate a plan with health and safety fundamentals and relevant sustainability options that repurpose idle and surplus equipment. Allow us to be of service to pave the way to a circular economy.

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